Home Organization

Home Codify organizes, declutters and optimizes your space. Due to hectic routines, most people cannot take out time to reorganize and declutter their spaces themselves. That’s where we come in.

We at Home Codify provide various home organization services such as:
-Designing and Planning to create an impeccable organizational system.
-Personal shopping for must-have organizational products.
-Create customized labels for containers and storage boxes.
-Haul off all the unwanted items and trash .
-Donating items to local donation centers near the area.

Moreover, our primary home organization services include:

Closet Organization

Closet Organization can be troubling for most people because it involves fitting various things inside a limited space. It can be overwhelming, but we are the organizing experts, and it is our job to handle this overwhelming task for you. We manage your over-stuffed closets through a systematic organization strategy.

Storage Organization

We blend various organizing and storage ideas to make your living spaces such as playrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, home offices and even garages manageable. We also manage your pantry by personal shopping and creating labels for containers.


Other Services

Sometimes all we need is a little joy in life. What is a better way to feel joy than having a holiday-perfect home? It would be best if you didn’t spend your holidays stressing about decorations and cleaning. From setting up the Christmas tree, decorating the fireplace, to assembling a table for the holiday dinner, we are here to prepare your home for the perfect holiday. We aim to make your lives easier and more joyful.


Pack & UnPack

Moving and relocating is nothing but a hassle and a tiresome task. We are the professionals here; we sort, categorize, organize, pack and unpack home items before and after moving. We ensure that this transition is effortless and results in a beautiful space for you. Our job is to make your lives stress-free and comfortable.


North Dallas and surrounding areas


(Each session comprises of two organizers)

Single session (minimum 3 hours)


*** additional hours up to max of 5 hours/day

Package Discounts:

2nd session – 10% OFF

4th session – 15% OFF

6th session – 15% OFF